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Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Energy Use of Polylactic Acid, BioDerived Polyethylene, and Fossil-Derived Polyethylene

Circular Economy: Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Fossil Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) and its Recycled and Bio-Based Counterparts

Carbon footprint of plastic from biomass and recyced feedstock: methodological insights

A Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Alternative Polymers to Poly(vinyl chloride) for Use in Flooring Applications

Advantages of biopolymers over synthetic polymers: social, economic, and environmental aspects

Analysis of processing and environmental impact of polymer compounds reinforced with banana fiber in an injection molding process

Development and comparative lifecycle assessment of various LDPE and HDPE production processes based on CO2 capture and utilization

3D printing to enable the reuse of marine plastic waste with reduced environmental impacts

Climate and biodiversity impacts of low-density polyethylene production from CO2 and electricity in comparison to bio-based polyethylene

Environmental performance of the technology of production of bimodal polyethylene (HDPE) with the application of LCA techniques