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Comparative life-cycle assessment of water supply pipes made from bamboo vs. polyvinyl chloride

Life cycle assessment of bricks made from waste of building material and plastics (LDPE and PET)

Use of recycled plastics as a second raw material in the production of road pavements: An example of circular economy evaluated with LCA methodology

The comparison of†the†environmental impact of†steel and†vinyl sheet piling: life cycle assessment study

Carbon footprint and embodied energy of PVC, PE, and PP piping: Perspective on environmental performance

Recovery of electronic wastes as fillers for electromagnetic shielding in building components: An LCA study

Life cycle analysis approach to comparing environmental impacts of alternative materials used in the construction of small wastewater treatment plants

Life Cycle Assessment of PVC-A Polymer Alloy Pipes for The Impacts Reduction in the Construction Sector

Life Cycle Assessment of Multi-Megawatt Airborne Wind Energy

Life cycle assessment of advanced building materials towards NZEBs