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To investigate the impact of the presence of plastic impurities in the collected biowaste on the environmental and economic performance of the plant

Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Pyrolysis – Recycling Germany’s Sorted Mixed Plastic Waste

Towards a Low-Carbon Plastic Waste Recycling in Finland: Evaluating the Impacts of Improvement Measures on GHG Emissions

Environmental Impacts of Different Circularity Strategies for Plastics: LCA of Plastic Barriers Used During the COVID-19 Pandemic in the U.S

The global warming potential and the material utility of PET and bio-based PEF bottles over multiple recycling trips

Moving from Linear to Circular Economy in Saudi Arabia: Life-Cycle Assessment on Plastic Waste Management

Life cycle assessment (LCA) on waste management options for derelict fishing gear

Environmental potential of recycling of plastic wastes in Australia based on life cycle assessment

Environmental and economic performances of municipal solid waste management strategies based on LCA method: A case study of Kinshasa

Analysis and Design for Sustainable Circularity of Barrier Films Used in Sheet Molding Composites Production