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Comparing Parallel Plastic-to-X Pathways and Their Role in a Circular Economy for PET Bottles

Recycling of Polyesters by Organocatalyzed Methanolysis Depolymerization: Environmental Sustainability Evaluated by Life Cycle Assessment

Parametric Modelling Study to Determine the Feasibility of the Co-Gasification of Macroalgae and Plastics for the Production of Hydrogen-Rich Syngas

The Environmental Performance of Mixed Plastic Waste Gasification with Carbon Capture and Storage to Produce Hydrogen in the U.K.

Techno-economic analysis and life cycle assessment of mixed plastic waste gasification for production of methanol and hydrogen

Prospective LCA of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Thermo-Chemical Recycling by Pyrolysis

To investigate the impact of the presence of plastic impurities in the collected biowaste on the environmental and economic performance of the plant

Complementary roles for mechanical and solvent-based recycling in low-carbon, circular polypropylene

Solvent based dissolution–precipitation of waste polyethylene terephthalate: economic and environmental performance metrics

Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Pyrolysis – Recycling Germany’s Sorted Mixed Plastic Waste