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Toward Sustainable Fire Safety: Life Cycle Assessment of Phosphinate-Based and Brominated Flame Retardants in E-Mobility and Electronic Devices

Comparing Alternative Ways of Quantifying Climate Impacts of Power-to-X Products Via Carbon Capture and Utilization: Carbon footprint calculations for power-to-methanol and power-to-HDPE

An Intelligent Pavement Management Framework for Heterogeneous and Interdependent Road Networks with Enhanced Sustainability

Removal of microplastics by membrane filtration and organic pollutants by UV-B and UV-C LED based technologies for water purification

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Does the circularity end justify the means? A life cycle assessment of preparing waste electrical and electronic equipment for reuse

Preliminary Analysis of Life Cycle Assessment on Single-Use Plastic Cutlery Set Substitutes in the Catering Industry

Circularity of new composites from recycled high density polyethylene and leather waste for automotive bumpers. Testing performance and environmental impact

Adopting a socio-material perspective on life cycle assessment: Environmental impacts of circular tableware systems in Italy’s bioplastics context

LCA of CupClub versus alternative coffee cups